Hunter and Farmer, question is how to work together?

Nowadays most of the businesses divide their sales organisation in Hunters and Farmers structure. Which leads them to capture the market effectively with Hunter profiles, while prospering within client base with Farmer profiles.

The risk that I see in this organisation setup is;

Hunters are very focused on acquiring new clients and commissioned heavily based on their acquisition targets while Farmers are mainly responsible for retaining clients and increasing share of wallet. If each party is so focused on its own area and only commissioned based on its focus zone without considering team co-operation, following business transitions doesn’t happen as expected;

Client acquisition to –> Sustainable growth in revenue

Client retention to –> Exponential growth in revenue

So, I believe that organisations should add  ”short to mid-term client retention/revenue growth” focus to Hunters’ targets and select talents to this position who has farming vision also. While adding “revenue/business expansion within existing client base” focus to Farmers’ focus ( expanding through client’s group companies and client’s other business streams), as well as by looking some hunting flavour in Farmer’s capabilities.

Companies can not benefit effectively in long-term from this Hunter/Farmer sales structure without considering the above-mentioned topics.