Have you checked your employee’s seniority vs tenure distribution

The distribution map of employee’s “seniority” and “tenure“ is a strong indicator of healthiness and sustainability of organisations. Because it represents company’s DNA; has it been looking for  short term achievements or investing for a long-term run.

My experiences are very much aligned what I stated and figured out above, if a company has such a clear distinction between the newcomers and veterans employee clusters (figure 1), that gives a strong messages about unhealthiness of that business, unless it is a newborn startup. Such organizations has strong tendency to operate in a way that veterans want, which generally contradicts with new senior levels’ opinions. If you are looking for a business transformation with a steep growth, this employee structure will be a nightmare scenario for you…

And missing of this blue mediator employees (figure 2) not only keeps organizations from reaching its mid and long-term business targets, but also gives messages to newcomers there is no right cultural climate to stay for a long career path, which leads that company to a never ending newcomer turnover.

So, what I can say is, you are in a big hole and stop digging for a while;

  • Turn your organisation into manageable task force teams structure in order to reach your short to mid business targets for enough cash flow,
  • Mix newcomer and veteran resources in these teams to leverage on team culture and define company wide guidelines which will act as a corporate culture seeds in a long run.